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Web Camera Hosting

Simply the best hosting prices on the finest
web camera streaming servers in the world.

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Host your camera with Brownrice and save!

Our plans are by far the best cam hosting prices on the finest streaming servers on the Internet. And 95% of our customers easily fit in our $24.95 per month plan which provides 1 Terabyte of bandwidth (tons!)

Contact us and we'll set you up with a free, full-featured, month-long trial where we'll connect your web camera to our servers and then give you the simple javascript code to embed your streaming video in any web site. No credit-card needed to give it a try. We won't lock you into a contract and won't bill you until you are happy!

Camera Consultation

Where do I get a camera?

Nearly any modern IP camera will work. For PTZ moveable, outdoor cameras we recommend these cameras for their high quality video and all-weather reliability. And here's a list of indoor cameras that are affordable and good. But nearly ANY internet connected IP camera that supports h.264 or MPEG-4 video over RTSP will work! (worry not, most moderately modern cameras support this) Let us know what type of camera you have and we'll tell you if we can re-stream it. Or contact us and we'll purchase a camera for you, or you can purchase one yourself and we'll configure it for you. Risk free!

Bandwidth Multiplexing

Why have a web camera host?

Bandwidth multi-plexing and privacy. Users connect to our servers, not your camera, to view and control your camera so no matter how many people are watching only one video stream comes out of your camera. Your internet connection won't get swamped since all of the bandwidth will come from our massive servers.

Streaming Experts

Why Brownrice?

Because we're streaming experts. We've been in the server and streaming business for a long time, run our own data centers, and have leveraged this experience and our bulk bandwidth rates so that we can provide our customers with world-class support while providing extremely affordable prices.

(See full pricing, features, and sample cameras below.)

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Camera Plans

  • Bandwidth (tons!)
  • Detailed, live viewer analytics
  • Full Mobile Support (iOS & Android)
  • PTZ controller w/ waitlist
  • Whitelable (add your own logo)
  • 30 FPS HiDef video support
  • Unlimited simutaneous viewers
1 Terabyte
$24.95 per month
  • 1 Terabyte (1,000 GBs)
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
2 Terabyte
$44.95 per month
  • 2 Terabytes (2,000 GBs)
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
5 Terabyte
$99.95 per month
  • 5 Terabytes (5,000 GBs)
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free

Notice that you have to call our competitors to get their prices? Not us. Our rates, service, and bandwidth can't be beat.

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With Brownrice we get great video on our web site, their prices are very cost-effective, and their support is quite responsive!

Lori Shield
Marketing Director, Ski Sundown

We are very happy with BrownRice's webcam streaming product. Performance and reliability have been excellent and every support question was answered quickly and completely. Highly recommended.

Bill Gassman
Loon Preservation

We use Brownrice cameras for all three of our Dog Day Care locations. Their service is amazing, the camera's video looks great, and best of all our customers LOVE checking in on their dogs from afar!

Jon Johnson
Owner, Dog Days Atlanta

We were directed to Brownrice by another WebCam owner. We are happy with the choice. Less expensive than a lot of other WebCam hosts and they have always taken care of any concern quickly and pleasantly.

Webmaster, Sugarbeach Web Cam