Incredible Referral Program

The Brownrice referral program is simply the best, most money generating referral program anywhere.

15% for Life! For every customer that you refer to us you'll receive 15% of their hosting payments automatically placed in your account. This isn't a one-time payment, this is for the life of the referred customer's account.

How do I get paid? We can send you a check, pay you via PayPal, or you can use your referral funds to pay for your own Brownrice services. We cut some very large checks to web developers each month.

What's the catch? You have to refer 1 customer to Brownrice per year to keep getting paid. However, if you fall out of the program by not referring anyone to Brownrice in a year you can start getting paid again once you refer someone new. i.e. Referral payments will start back up, for everyone you've ever referred, once you get back in the program.

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