Get to know Brownrice.

Get to know Brownice.

(And the friendly people that work here.)

Born out of a true love for technology and the Internet, Brownrice started as a one person programming company and has grown to be a 10 person data center and systems administration company. We are still small enough to know our clients' online goals but are large enough to provide the redundancy, experience, and reliability that businesses can depend on.

We own our own state-of-the-art, solar-powered, air-cooled data center and utilize off-site data centers for remote backups and redundant network peering.

Running a data center company from a small town in Northern New Mexico takes grit and perserverance and we feel that in the end those traits have served us and our customers quite well.

Management Bios

Oban Lambie

Oban was born and raised in San Francisco, California but spent significant portions of his childhood in Northern New Mexico. He's an accomplished Web Programmer, Database Engineer and Systems Administrator. He's been the led Systems Administrator for ISP's, programmed for startups during the dot com heyday, built the back end of many enterprise level web sites, and lead teams of programmers and systems administrators through completion of countless successful projects. He now manages the Brownrice Internet staff, keeps the network humming, and chases his wife and twin boys around during his time off.

Vanessa Moon
Director of Operations and Projects

Vanessa Moon started at Dell Computers and her successful career with there was interrupted by love for an artist in Taos, New Mexico, whom she married and left Austin and Dell. In New Mexico Vanessa worked as Technical Support Manager for a software company that specialized in Ticketing, Point-of-Sale and Guest Management solutions for Ski Resorts, Park & Attractions and Museums & Non-profits. She is now a Manager at Brownrice Internet and loving every minute of it. At Brownrice, when not managing everyone's tasks and deadlines, she pitches in and helps with support calls and testing.

David Wilson
Director of Technical Operations

Dave wasn't a computer expert at age ten. In those days computers were the size of a house and run by the military, so his parents couldn't afford one. Also, the punchcard reader was too noisy. Instead, he studied hard at electrical engineering thinking that one day he'd get a job working on thermionic valves and magnetic core drives that were at the heart of computer technology at that time. Those days are long past and technology has moved on but at Brownrice there is still one vestige of the ancient computer arts which he is still able to draw upon on a daily basis: an arcane knowledge of the Unix operating system.

Joel Morey
Systems Architect and Lead Programmer

Joel, a Native New Mexican, began programming games at a young age. By sixteen, he was working as technical support and computer repair technician for an ISP. He attended college at Texas Tech University where he majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At nineteen, he began programming professionally in Java and was assigned to help in the re-design and re-implementation of the largest commodities trading website of that time ( He now continues his programming career at Brownrice Internet where he works with other talented individuals to build high quality applications.

See what a few of our clients say about us


We have relied on Brownrice for over 15 years to be the tech brawn behind the scenes that keeps our website design and development projects running smoothly and affordably. You can’t beat the superior service they provide, especially when a human answers the phone!

Molly Duncan
President, Creative Director
Desert Elements Design

Colocating equipment in a datacenter is an exercise of trust. The team at Brownrice Internet is a genuinely great group of people who continue to earn my trust year after year, going above and beyond time after time. They are genuinely great to work with.

Daniel Robbins
Funtoo Linux

We host 100’s of our client websites with Brown Rice and have high expectations for service, security and backups. Brown Rice's accountable, always-helpful specialists have consistently supplied reliable, upbeat support to my team and myself when we need it. We couldn’t be happier.

Jennifer Martin
Xynergy Inc.

This is an amazing service. Check them out and tell them I sent you.

Caroline Blaker
Petroglyph Creative

(via Twitter)

Our listeners count on our online systems for our six local radio stations. Believe me, they let us know when there is a problem! Since moving to Brown Rice, that phone doesn't ring anymore with complaints about speeds or quality. We can always count on the Brownrice!

Scott Hutton
President, Hutton Broadcasting